Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sevvenn Letterr Worrdds

I think it might be nice sometime to wright poems with just seven letter words. One could also work off of the whole seven concept with seven stanzas or seven lines. What started me on this was the vanity plate. You are normally only allowed seven letters maximum for your personal license plates. There is a red small pick-up in Lincoln that has the license plate "ACHTUNG." I thought this was a wonderful use of all seven letters. Then at work, instead of using Xs to cross out the days on my calendar, I thought I would use seven letter words, occasionally on a theme for the month. Example: rhubarb, custard, dessert; freedom, liberty, justice, pursuit. Most of the following was compiled in the College View Church.

cyclone, tornado, history, persona, seventh, develop, kingdom,
nations, matthew, deliver, pickled, adopted, victual, wayward,
nightie, another, eternal, hundred, condone, embassy, chasten,
sabbath, patriot, machine, archive, college, trivial, trumpet,
postman, vertigo, sneaker, digital, mystify, toenail, tuesday,
georgia, belarus, ontario, toronto, bozeman, destiny, project,
prelude, service, servant, baptize, heather, holster, captive,
rudyard, message, baptism, opening, america, hackney, quarter,
squalor, refrain, through, dresden, maunday, thunder, dappled,
abraham, gallery, posture, discern, violent, gradual, problem,
rejoice, include, discuss, prophet, variety, michael, autopsy,
abandon, jugular, recital, romance, vincent, vangogh, implant,
mammary, hirsute, pharaoh, midwife, sabrina, speaker, digress,
preside, toccata, special, feature, healthy, receive, compton,
tribute, mallard, gosling, nuptial, marital, martial, nuclear,
umbrage, tumbler, blossom, cartman, timothy, amateur, educate,
victory, pauline, lincoln, potluck, nursery, country, nothing,
hampton, mileage, kerplop, insipid, premier, spanish, colored,
heathen, culvert, majesty, febrile, thought, tendril, breadth,
cistern, brothel, despise, warrant, impulse, risible, society,
disturb, jericho

So please share your favorite seven letter words.



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