Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mad Men Cast and Creator Pivot Questionnaire

Matthew Weiner, Creator; Jon Hamm, Don Draper; January Jones, Betty Draper-Francis; Vincent Kartheiser, Pete Campbell, John Slattery, Roger Sterling; Jared Harris, Lane Price; Christina Hendricks, Joan 1. Christina: Yes, John: Tomorrow, Jared: Now, Vincent: Braggadocious, January: Love, Jon: No, Matthew: It's more for music than for meaning, but I love the word Melancholy 2. Christina: Chafe, John: Moist 3. January: Laughter 4. Matthew: Humorlessness 5. Christina: Wind, John: Mine is a variation of wind which is (makes a trombone/fart sound), January: I love it when my baby does that (points to John) noise Jon, "With his mouth or with his butt?" 6. Jon: Mine's more of a sort of vocal inflection, but I had this experience recently in an elevator where these two women were talking (Turns to Matthew and says, You be the woman and try to sell me on . . . Turns to audience and says, Most of my conversations with Matt start with me saying, "You be the woman." the benefits of this hotel.) Interrupts him with a loud positive Valley Girl-ish OK! 7. Christina: Fuck, John: Mother Fucker (with some incredulity), Jared: Well I'm English, so it's got to be CUNT!(projected), Vincent: Fuck my face in half (head slightly tilted back with eyes half closed) (January, "Women don't think your creepy, sweety."), January: Douchebag, douchebag. Jon: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck (give or take a fuck), Matthew: There's nothing better than asshole. As a word. 8. January: I'd love to be a marine biologist, Jon: I've been one before and I'd go back to it again in a heart beat. A teacher., Matthew: Me too. 9. Matthew: The DMV, department of motor vehicles 10. January: "You're not dreaming.", Jon: "Was that so hard?", Matthew: "We're all full up. Go back."