Monday, March 14, 2011

Bradley Cooper Pivot Questionnaire

Bradley's the first alum of The Actor's Studio to appear on the stage.

1. energy
2. boring
3. vulnerable expression in an artistic form
4. cynicism, probably
5. The sound of someone I love breathing.
6. The sound of a woman screaming when you know something really awful happened.
7. I remember Willem Dafoe talking about how he doesn't curse anymore. I remember him here talking about that, and I thought, I like that. Obviously, I didn't listen to it. I just feel so comfortable here with you guys. It's Italian; it's fotutofuchocazo, which means "you motherfucking cocksucker."
8. I'd like to be a conductor maybe.
9. It'd be hard to be a soldier.
10. "Hey, you hungry?"



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