Saturday, December 24, 2005

Bless Your Beautiful Hide

I'm a lonesome polecat. Can't make no vows to a herd of cows.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is still a great movie. Watching the "making of" documentary, I learnt that Julie Newmar played Dorcas, Benjamin's bonamie. She also played Catwoman in those "great" Batman TV shows with Adam West. So by degrees of separation, Chris Blake's grandmother also played in Batman, Johnny Mercer wrote the lyrics for Seven Brides which Jane Powell also starred in. She is a spokesperson for Polident denture seal, and my Grandpa Hank has dentures, and 'round the circle goes.

Thanks for everything and Merry Kristal Nacht.




At December 28, 2005 1:56 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Hmm. Do you mean Crystal Nacht? I didn't see any champagne in the fridge . . .

If you are making a flippant reference to the horror of Kristallnacht (note the orthography), then you should say a belated Kristallnacht since that was November 9-10.

Actually, it seems to me that either way (champagne or pogrom), the statement flys in the face of good taste.


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