Sunday, December 11, 2005

Post 50

Pumpkin pie is good. I was invited to a Sabbath lunch and said I'd bring a pumpkin pie. The pie I made Friday was not as good as one I'd made earlier in the week, so I made another with the original recipe on Sat. morning. It was good and I even did the leaf thing to garnish like Eric (my)Idol did.

Saturday night was a nice time with my mother, who was on her way back home after spending the week in TX visiting with the new babies Colton Knight (though he'll always be Colton Mare to me) and Abby Vale. Abby is doing pretty well and should be out of the hospital in a couple days. Her upper lip is intact, but her hard palate is missing which is worse because it inhibits eating. So, she had surgery Friday to put a "button" in her stomach to feed her til she learns to eat.

Back to my mother, we went to Chronicles of Narnia the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, as apparently every other Adventist did. No blood, which today we noted as interesting considering the powerful metaphor/image that blood serves for Christianity. Why is Christianity a blood cult? It is refered to as "deep magic" by Lewis, but regardless of the name, there is an intense focus on the sacrifice of blood.

One Harris study I did, there was a phlebo named Jeremy who looked like the lead singer of a rock group I can't think of now. Anyway, he was working on a screen play which looks at Cain and Lilith as the first vampires, based on Cain's experience of being rejected from God because he didn't sacrifice an animal. Lilith of course being Adam's first wife. So you have this emphasis on blood from the very beginning. Why? I'd really appreciate it if those more theologically knowledgable than I would comment.

Final note, why is it wardrobe and not robeward? English has a long tradition of putting "ward" second and in this case, where the furniture is a guardian of the robe, it makes sense for it to follow the case of loaf ward which over time became lord.

May I have fifty more posts,

Danl Muraeser

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