Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Come on Sharona

Toni Basil bio: Easy Rider (actress), Hey Mickey (singer/video choreographer), Choreographer (Gap commercial, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde)

Is there a twelve-step program for atheists? Not to get them to not be atheists but a twelve-step program for someone who doesn't believe in a higher power.

Damon, Olivia, and Selma. Who are they? Just people that helped sell me stuff the last fortnight or so. Damon works at Green Gateau, Olivia and Selma at Super Saver. I think everyone, if they save their receipts, should look at the names of their salespersons. Names are important. Selma is in her late teens/early twenties. I think that is a fun extra-generational name. That and it reminded me of Marge Simpson's sisters Patty and Selma.

If you can't tell from my first couple lines, I watched the tail-end of VH1's 100 greatest one hit wonders.



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