Saturday, January 28, 2006

Gerald, Francine, and Lancaster

Friday was a slow, quick day at work. Slow on orders, quick on processing them and leaving. So I couldn't park in front of my apartment like usual, putting me on "H" Street parallel parking. As soon as I got out, I saw my favorite organist Gerald W. Holbrook (scroll about halfway down to see a picture of the immediate past dean) riding his bike. Then as I was walking to my apartment in front of Francine, I saw a squirrel that was literally cornered on the edifice of the building between two very curious cats, one orange in one window and another black and white in another window. It was a very picturesque triangle of tension, with the squirrel clucking like a chicken.

Tonight I went to Winterfest Ales and Auction. I saw a few Union students there, and it is always nice to see your own kind to justify your cultural transgressions. Here are my judgements on the beers I tried:

Gottberg Brew Pub in Columbus, NE

Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen and Unice Ivan's Dunkeweizen--Nay
Steinworthy Oktoberfest--Yea

Empyrean Lincoln, NE

Oak aged Imperial Stout--alright kinda bockish
Fallen Angel Sweet Stout--Yea

Upstream Omaha, NE

Unfiltered Wheat--Yea
Ebenezer Ale--Nay


Big Butt Doppelbock--okay, not spectacular
Apple Spice--Yea

Samuel Adams

White Ale--Yea, pleasantly surprised a bit fruity
Double Bock--not great, but there's worse

Spilker Cortland, NE Hopluia--Yea, I tried this one a long time ago and it has gotten better, very fruity lager

Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen--Nay, I liked it at the Okto-beer fest though.

Bacardi Silver Watermelon--Yea

Lindeman Framboise--Yea, I accept it for what it is now

Xingu Brazilian Black Beer--alright

St. Peters Golden Ale--Nay

I'm done.

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At January 29, 2006 8:09 AM, Blogger Voth said...

Cultural transgressions, eh? This anthropologist would write a paper on that, but this anthropologist has no more anthropology classes.

I'm with ya on the bacardi watermelon, the grape leaves much to be desired though, rather like cough syrup.


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