Tuesday, January 17, 2006

South Sigh-eed

There is a region in the world that refers to itself in a very odd way. They want religious convention managers to bring their conventions to their region. They have sent promotional material, namely stress foam lego blocks. They are Northern Kentucky. Of note is the new Creation history museum. Check out how eerily similar to the missing link Ken Ham looks (toward bottom of screen holding construction helmet).

My boss Hans is AdventSource's point man for the NAD From This Day Forward marriage conferences, because this also qualifies as a religious convention, he is a member of the RCMA, religious convention managers association. So he got some promo materials from different people that want the business of conventions. One of those is my new set of stress foam legos with Northern Kentucky promotional slogans.

Last night I watched After Life. It is directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, who also directed Maborosi, the poster is in the lobby of the Ross on occasion if you have any questions about its value. His most recent film is Nobody Knows about some children that raise themselves in Tokyo. Anyway, now that you are familiar with some of his work, I'll tell you about After Life. The film is about a place where people go for a week after they die. They have three days to choose their favorite memory from their life which is then recreated for them in the facility's studio, and then they spend eternity in that memory. It is a fun question. What is your answer?

End note: Stephen Colbert ended last night's show saying "he had a dreamsicle" while eating it fast. He talked about how the dreamsicle is a metaphor of the black people (vanilla) and the white people (orange) shaking hands in a . . . . He was then interrupted by an intensely painful brain freeze and concluded saying nothing is worth that much pain.

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