Monday, February 06, 2006

Sartonsorial concerns

Tonight I watched The Five Obstructions by Lars von Trier, Danish director. In it, he has Jorgen Leth, director of The Perfect Human, remake his film with limits/obstructions. Example: the first obstruction is that the film must be made in Cuba, no set is made, the questions asked in the narrative are answered, and each edit can only be 12 frames long. I liked it. Ask Ellen what she thought.

As Bryant alluded to, I can shave now that Ben Roethlisberger won the Super Bowl. He had the fortune? of having his chin fuzz groomed by the non pareil David Letterman.

G'night now.

Hines Ward (who plays at Heinz Field. I ask you is he the Hines Warden of Heinz Field.)

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