Sunday, March 19, 2006

Giuseppi Garibaldi

He, I suppose, ties together my latest activities. Thursday night was the Sesostris Shriner's Circus at Pershing. Pershing was a general right? The shriners are also known for their red hats, and Garibaldi's i Mille wore red shirts. The circus was attended with Scott, Sergey, Ellen, and Kayla (whose idea it was in the place of first). The best part of the circus was the dog and pony show. The chimps and their compony were fun too. I was disappointed that none of the human circus performers were crushed, mauled, or fell from Such Great Heights.

Friday I watched Saint Ralph. I really liked it, 4 outta 5 stars. It was a good faith movie and a good running movie, and a good coming of age movie (bildungsroman), all things I think I could use.

Saturday, I went to V for Vendetta. I suppose my favorite things about the film were Natalie Portman, the set, and the costumes. I will be rating it on Netflix soon and I don't know whether to give it three stars (liked it) or two stars (didn't like it). I want to give it two anda half stars. I think it is about a 64%. Entertaining enough but never really succeeding in any particular area. It does have some fun British actors, the head guy from Absolute Power and other British TV shows. And those familiar with Extras will recognize both of the gay BBC network guys from the last episode. In a casting director's irony, John Hurt plays the Fascist high chancellor. He was the protagonist in the film 1984. A lot of critics who don't like the film are knocking it for promoting terrorism. It should be so lucky as to actually put forth an argument for anything. Even those critics that liked it agree that it dilutes (and deludes for that matter) itself by trying on too many ideas. The result is that none are fleshed out. V at one point says that you cannot kill him because you cannot kill an idea. He was wrong.

Saturday evening was Office Space, which is an understated if not dry comedy. Today is sleeping in, blogging, maybe running, and definitely bread pudding baking. Thank you Wendy for your submission; you get bonus points for the rhubarb.

Giuseppi ties into V because he was quite the revolutionary (and I believe V had a statue of Garibaldi in his lair), Office Space because Milton has a Garibaldi red Swingline stapler, and bread pudding because of the Garibaldi biscuit, the precursor to our pop tart.

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You are random and wonderful. See you soon.


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