Sunday, December 31, 2006

Garage a Trois*

As Wendy noted in her blog, tonight we went to a Lincoln Stars USHL hockey game against the Sioux City Musketeers. There were two goals by the Nougat Candybars in the first period; then the Stars got two goals in the second period with another by the Nougats, making it 3-2 in until late in the third period. When the Stars scored a goal with 1:42 left to tie the game. This was great! until the 'Teers scored the go ahead goal 42 seconds later, and then an empty-netter with 9 seconds left.

I really appreciated the fickle wenchness of the game though. How the fans could go from feeling great to not feeling great at all in such a small period of time, just because some Scandian teenager put a black puck in the net. This was my first ever hockey game, and while I enjoyed the experience, I don't need it. Actually, I was quite relieved that the game didn't stay tied as that would have mean another 15 minute intermission and possibly another 20 minutes of hockey. I had plans for after. That was my main complaint, the rest between the periods was almost as long as the periods themselves. Don't get me wrong, I love watching Zambonis as much as the next guy, but thirty minutes of break and 60 minutes of play seems unbalanced to me.

I know that football is, as George Will says, a combination of America's two favorite things--violence and committees. But they only have a twenty minute halftime, and if not for the seven TV timeouts required each half would have plenty of rhythmic action.

Self-Promotion: I've started to have more frequent posts on my Word Hoard blog. So I would appreciate it if my efforts there were witnessed. They don't have to be appreciated, just witnessed. I'm also willing to take suggestions to increase readership over there. Thank you; you may now resume your regularly scheduled programming.

*The title comes from a band that was playing on Wendy's XM radio.

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