Friday, May 23, 2008

Great Success!

So the weather didn't cooperate for the bean bags part of my first Bean Bags and Rhubarb event this summer, but the rhubarb made up for it. I had a 9 x 13 pan of rhubarb crisp with oat flour instead of wheat flour for an allergic guest, a strawberry-rhubarb custard pie, and a brand new one, Party Rhubarb Pie. It is from my Farm Journal's Complete Pie Cookbook. My only mistake with it was putting it in an 8" dish instead of a 9" dish. This meant that when I poured the cream cheese-sugar-eggs mixture on top of the rhubarb it flowed over. But I recovered.

I enjoyed the blend of guests tonight: Hans, Lindsay, Tiffany, Karen, Jim, and Angela. The first three are from work, the next two aren't, and Angela is from forever.

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