Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunday Ruddy Sunday

I had lunch, "burnt ends" barbecued brisket, and a flight of beers at Blind Tiger Brewery in Topeka before zipping over to Lawrence on the turnpike. Browsed the stores on the main downtown street picking up some French shaving soap and a pie bird (I'm really excited about finally finding one of these). Wasn't impressed with Urban Outfitters. Then had a light supper, achiote chicken sandwich, and some more beer at Free State Brewery before getting in line for the Willie Nelson show.

There was a Boykin Spaniel named Luke in front of Blind Tiger. The couple that became the end of the line shortly after me included a beautiful girl named Myka (pronounced Micah) with half sleeve tattoos on each arm, a jungle scene on one with a tiger at the top, and a watery scene with some fish on the other. On my walk back to the car after the show, I met a black dog named Roxi.

It is late now so I'm gonna go to bed, but I will soon have up the set list from Willie's show.

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