Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Amy Poehler

She clarified that she was aware of the questionnaire and had prepared both honest and comedic answers.

1.ensemble, macaroni
3.dancing-movement, money
4.cynicism, flip-flops on the subway
5.my son when he sighs before sleep, cha-ching
6.anyone in pain, the sound of a man crying while I make love to him
7.fuck, fuuuck
8.teacher, trophy wife
9.finance, maggot therapy person who gets them out
10."Come on in.", "See, your mother was right."
Who in the history of the planet would you like to spend an evening with? 11.JFK, Prince And the night with? 12. Paul Newman, Eleanor Roosevelt



At September 23, 2009 3:41 AM, Blogger Wishydig said...

are these their answers from recent appearances with mr lipton?

At September 23, 2009 10:01 AM, Blogger Daniel said...



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