Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kate Hudson's Pivot Answers

1. a great sounding word, cloud. for meaning, sex.
2. moist (she was preceded with this word only by Drew Barrymore, whom she played in an SNL sketch with Will Ferrell as Lipton and her as Barrymore)
3. this is so cheesy, but life
4. lies
5. my son's laughter
6. truck beeps, the backwards beep, beep, beep thing
7. the one I use the most would be fuck, the best sounding one as a mother you don't want to say it. the best curse word to me is cocksucker
8. I think I'd be a pretty good lawyer
9. anything that had anything to do with milk product. milk makes me gag.
10. "Congratulations, you might not have to do that again." or "Your family's in the other room."



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