Tuesday, November 02, 2010

In Concert

Last week my sister came down from SD and we went to Mumford & Sons in Denver. The first opener was King Charles. He performed that song and started with an a capella performance of The Brightest Light Has the Darkest Shadow that captivated the crowd. I preferred his performance (say that three times fast) of Love Lust at the concert since it was just him and his guitar. but you get the gist of the song, and the wonderful line "If your beauty is a fortress, then my love will be the moat."

Mumford and Sons was as great as I had hoped they would be. It was funny how great all their songs were that I forgot until they played it as the encore that they hadn't played The Cave in the regular set. It was also encouraging that their newest songs (including the one they "just worked out during sound check") were of the same high quality, so I'm anticipating their next album already.



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