Friday, May 14, 2010


I called Rocket Fizz to see if Barritt's came in, and the girl who answered the phone said their shipment comes in on Monday's now. The gentleman who seemed to be placing the order when I asked him for it over a week ago expected that it might be in Wednesday or Thursday, and for sure by Friday, so maybe they do have it, but I'm fine with a break.

In other news, I'm thinking about rebooting my word blog. Should I use Blogger or Wordpress? I know some of you have used each, or is there another option that is better than either of those?



At May 15, 2010 6:18 AM, Blogger Leah said...

I'd stick with blogger, personally. Wordpress is slick, but is pretty limited in terms of customization, unless you pay of course.

I've really enjoyed the ginger beer series, btw.

At May 15, 2010 6:40 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

Thanks. I've enjoyed your reading series too.

Customization isn't a big priority for me if I find a template I like, but it might also be convenient to have all my blogs on one system.

At May 15, 2010 10:05 AM, Blogger Ellen said...

I like wordpress' interface, but I found it to be so slow when you're doing simple things like writing a post or editing.

Maybe your word blog could be about the captcha words and your made up definitions for them.

At May 15, 2010 10:06 AM, Blogger Ellen said...

Like this one: phembra


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