Saturday, November 19, 2005

Wrestle the Line

I went to the Huskers first wrestling dual of the season against the Boise State Broncos. The Huskers won, but they were supposed to. I was particularly impressed with two redshirt freshmen Chris Oliver, a four-time Nebraska High School champion, and Paul Donohoe from Michigan and easy on the eyes (I've included a link for the ladies and non-traditional males). Surprisingly enough at the match, I was reunited with an old classmate from Doland, SD, Nathan Troske. This summer at the Back to Doland Days was the first I had seen him in ten years and now twice in five months. He is now living in Gretna and working for Interstate Electric.

After the match, I went to Noodles & Company and had a mean (well-made, not malicious) dish of Wisconsin Mac and Cheese with steak and three potboilers(My mother caught that these aren't potboilers but potstickers, silly me. Are there foods that serve as potboiler though? Maybe turkey, cran sauce, potatoes, and pumpkin pie for ThxDay). Then as I was walking by The Grand I noticed that Walk the Line was going to start in less than ten minutes. "What timing." I thought to myself, "I guess Ivanna Cone will have to wait another day." So the film was good. I don't think it was as good as a comparable biopic film in Ray. Reese Witherspoon deserves any nominations and awards that she gets for her fine work. Joaquin Phoenix has a really hard name to spell. He also worked really hard for this role and his work paid off, but he didn't become Johnny Cash like Jaime Foxx became Ray Charles. His singing was fine, just not the Man in Black. His mannerisms evocative. BUT that hare-lip, something must be done.

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The Evil Prince in the Wild Jungle

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