Sunday, April 09, 2006

Table for One

I always enjoy timing film showings, so that one film begins when the other ends. Yesterday had Thank You For Smoking ending right when Inside Man began. Thank You for Smoking was enjoyable, there were plenty of great lines and it was well acted by all. Inside Man was everything Ebert said it was. It took a bit of time to get through it. The acting was fine and there were some great scenes, but the plot just took too much time with a fairly weak payoff. After the films, I thought I'd go check-out a book to read for my supper. Unfortunately I didn't time that well enough, with the Library closing at 6pm, 25 min before I got there.

At Krem le Bistro, I still had the menu to read while waiting for my food. The food wasn't a good value. The Italian Medallions that I had were a poor concept executed even worse. It was three beef medallions breaded with a tomato "salsa." However, it turned out to be a weak eggplant parmagiana substitute. The chai cheesecake with honey and ginger sauce was better, and the chicken tortilla soup was fine, kind of a Mexican French onion soup. A cup is a very efficient dish to serve soup in because the vertical nature keeps the heat well, keeping the last bite just as warm as the first. They tried to class the place up with a live harpist, but I wasn't too impressed by her either. I wouldn't mind trying their bulgur, raisin and pine nut stuffed pepper, but nothing else looks that outstanding.


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