Sunday, June 25, 2006

An Even Better Twelve Hours. Seriously.

So the last twelve hours were really great. They started around 4 when Karen finally brought over what turned out to be her most delicious veggie lasagna. We (Karen, Ellen, Scott, and I) had a first course of the lasagna, my Sierra Gold Creamy Mashed Potatoes, and Texas Cheese Toast. The second course was watermelon. Third course a bean bag beat down of Team P-Hartman; fourth course Ellen's Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie (judiciously juicy) a la mode chocolat. The fifth course was two more whoopings with a side of left-handed (sinister) smackdown of the aphorementioned Phartman.

Then Wendy arrived, and she and I went to the Saltdogs game. We were so close to the field (second row) by the on deck circle that I could (and did) personally query the St. Joe Blacksnakes on their ages. SS Jimmy Mojica is 21. CF Scooter Jordan is 24, but his team bio says otherwise.

The first Saltdogs game I went to this season, with Karen, a player and a coach were ejected from the other team. The second game I attended, with Wendy and Kyle, went extra innings with a Saltdogs loss. Third game, with Karen, Ellen, and Thomas Trumble, was in section 104. So this fourth game was a combo of all the previous. We sat in section 104, and after the manager and the catcher (Mikaela "Mischa" Dworken) and the starting pitcher (Mark Nussbeck), who was no longer pitching, were ejected from the game in the bottom of the 9th, we went to extra innings, in which the Saltdogs proceeded to concede the contest. So I'm hooked. Wendy and I will be in the self-same seats about twelve hours from now.

But if you were following along, we are not yet done with our twelve hours. The Saltdogs game ended at 10:30. Wendy and I went to Cracker (cuz it's so white) Barrel (cuz it's that much fun) for apple cakes with a side of hashbrowns and Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes with a side o' grits. After picking up Mus and dropping me off, my time with Wendy endy(?).

Earlier in the day, I was autotuning the start of The Venture Bros. second season and happened across Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos at 4:00 am. So with Chuck Norris being all the rage, I autotuned that one too, not figuring I'd be awake, but preparing for the occasion. So happens, after I went to bed at 12:30, I woke up with a start at 3:51. So my preparation paid off. The episode begins with a "live-action" Norris pausing from his workout on the Total Gym and waning philosophic on the importance of recognizing and admitting your mistakes so that you will never repeat them. "This was the lesson we learned when we went to The Island of the Walking Dead." I also liked when he split the group up and said, "Kimo, Tabe, come with me." So Lone Ranger.

So ends our latest installment of what seems to be hourly recountings of my weekend/life. The next hours hold a viewing of The Third Man, An Inconvenient Truth (I'll tell you what's inconvenient--having to spell it.), and The Venture Bros., the Saltdogs, some shopping, some reading, and some web logging of it all. See you on the side that has been flipt.

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