Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bad Things

So I took a nap this evening for a couple hours, and it ended in a not great dream.

I was driving a rental car that was not dissimilar to a BMW Z. It was white. Wendy, Angela, and Kyle were in the car with me, so you can imagine it was a bit crowded. We had gotten out of a rest stop and Wendy got into a white BMW Z and put in my key and the car started up, but I was somehow able to identify that it wasn't the car we had rented. I think at this point I took the key from her and we got into the right car, but the mistaken car was still running. (Here is where you need to start suspending disbelief.) So I get out onto the freeway and both cars are running and moving, but the mistaken driverless car is going in the other direction. The freeway itself is straight out of hell with clovers and left turn exits galore, and the traffic is so intense that you have to keep driving very fast with no space or time to change lanes. The end effect being that you are just trying to survive. Meanwhile I know that everything I'm doing in my car is happening to another car that I can only sometimes see, as the freeway mix master has many levels that allow you to see traffic below you, and you're always turning around so you see traffic going both directions. This adds great consternation to me because I'm just sure I'm causing all sorts of wrecks with the driverless car. Also, the whole time I'm driving, my kind friends are reminding me what a poor driver I am and how fortunate I am that I haven't been pulled over yet. Eventually, traffic slows down at like a toll and then Kyle wants me to lower the convertible top, but that wasn't working either, so I woke up and ended that very silly dream.



At July 14, 2007 11:58 PM, Blogger Voth said...

In the dream world as well as the real, I'll always remind you of your driving skills. You are a senseless killer of animals after all.

Pics are up of you on the other blog.


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