Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beanbag-a-rhubarb a bop bam boo!

So after three attempts, Bean bag and Rhubarb Night has been the best yet, as far as I'm concerned. Mainly because I made the rhubarb crisp last night instead of the night of or not at all as previous times went.

Kyle and Cassie, Nate and Wanda, Angela, Wendy, and my sister were all in attendance. There was some good bean bagging with Angela and Kyle beating Marcy and me twice, and I was very pleased with the crisp tonight, though I'm probably not the most impartial judge.

After, Wendy and I went to Yia Yia's. I had a Saint-Sylvestre Gavroche French Red Ale (apparently Saint-Sylvestre is near Belgium so their beer is a bit in the Belgian style), which I enjoyed very much, and Wendy a Breckenridge Avalanche amber ale, which both of us liked. She got started on Breckenridge with their Proper Ale and still likes their offerings.

Jones Coffee Shop finally opened this week sometime just half a block south of my place, so I might be frequenting them in the future. Their espressos are just 1.75. I hope that the delay tonight is just the just-opened-and-working-out-the-kinks kind and not indicative of things to come.

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