Friday, June 15, 2007

Gary Wright

Back in time my dreams did take me.

The first part of my dream I was staying in a spare bed in someone else's rental cottage and had to ask each day if they space for me to stay in the spare bed in the cottage they were renting out to someone else. The cottage had cats in it. This part of the dream also had Paul McCartney and John Lennon and John Lennon's young son, but not actually Sean or Julian. The son and I were from the future in the dream so we both new about John being shot and there was a moment in the dream when the four of us were in a car and the son and I were deliberating how to tell John, but I think the son had already told him or something.

There was a part in my dream where I felt like I was in Central Park in New York and at the Strawberry Fields Forever thing, because a lot of people were standing in circles around stuff taking pictures, but I didn't actually see the "Imagine" mosiac, or whatever.

The last part of my dream I was going to space for some reason and at the end of my dream but the beginning of my arrival at my space destination I met Joe Montana. This dream I was also going to the past with my present knowledge. Joe was moonlighting as a worker on the space shuttle/ship and was standing by the door with another worker like a flight attendant, during the flight. At the end of the flight, during which I was standing closest to the door, I noticed who he was and gave him a knowing pat on the shoulder. Then I asked which year it was, 1983, and feeling I had acquired some kind of visual assent from Joe that it was okay I reveal who he was, I said loudly enough for everyone to hear, "Hey, you're Joe Montana; I'm Daniel Murauskas." and shook his hand. He then said, "It's nice to meet you Dan Morerewski." I then spent the next three attempts at my name working with him on the pronounciation of it, ensuring he called me Daniel too.

After Joe and I got my name down pat, I let him and the other worker on the ship know that one of my uncles was an alternate on the Olympic team in Greco-Roman wrestling (which was true, as my Uncle Dennis was an alternate for the 1984 team). Worker number 2 asked how much he weighed and what weight class he wrestled in. I said he wrestled in the 220 pound class and weighed about 220 or 221. He said, "He'd better lose that weight so that he doesn't get disqualified." I then proceeded to parse out that it really wasn't that bad and calculated out to him having to lose like an ounce each month, which he could do as easily as shaving different parts of his body. After a space trip to our destination that lasted about as long as these two conversations, we arrived and I saw both of my twin uncles in their teen years, but closer to Freshmen than Senior age. This was an anomaly because they would have been older in '83, but I guess that is how dreams go. Then the dream ended.


So I'm pretty much a dick, first for giving a man who had won the Super Bowl two seasons previously and would win another a year later a hard time about pronouncing my name correctly. Maybe his timid role on Saturday Night Live made me think I could be such a tough with him. Secondly, I'm a dick for jerking around with John Lennon about whether to tell him how to he would die. Finally, I wasn't too nice to worker number 2 either about my uncle cutting weight. These celebrities in my dream are pretty fun though. I could get used to it.

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At June 15, 2007 6:33 PM, Blogger Voth said...

I had really vivid dreams last night as well. What did you spike our drinks with??


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