Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gary Wright 2

So Monday night I watched Planet Rock, which did a profile on the Foo Fighters, on Fuse TV. My friend Brian has been leaving me nice comments on MySpace recently, including invitations to visit him again in West Lafayette. Last week I made my first Thanksgiving dinner. Last night with Klaralyn, we were chatting about her dream, and she was also telling me how I should try to assimilate Cary Grant's style and meet a girl in a bar as such. I think I've laid the subconscious matrix for the dream I had, so here goes.

I was driving on the Interstate and with the vehicle in front of me another car pulled up to them two times while a woman got out of one vehicle and into the vehicle with her presumed beau. So there were two guys in the car in front of me and twice did women climb out of a van type car to get into the car with their mates. Whoever I was driving with, I was trying to explain how stupid it was that they were doing this and that they should have just met at the same exit with the other vehicle and made a much safer transition. Also, at least twice, I saw the drummer from the Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins, on a Ninja/crotch rocket type motorcycle. Most of the time I saw him on his bike, traffic wasn't going anywhere, and he was leaning forward, flat on his bike looking over at me. I would wave and call out his name, but I didn't get much response from him.

After I reached my destination, I was welcomed into the hotel room that Casey, Gretchen, Mindy, Brian, and I had. We weren't ready to go out, so we put in a movie, something that the girls enjoyed. While we were watching the movie, I was sitting next to Brian, and we were like really good buddies. It was a hockey movie with Richard Gere and Rob Lowe. I had managed to be in the movie as well and spent most of my scenes reprimanding Richard Gere. After losing interest in the movie, the five of us decided to go out, so Mindy gave me back my cell phone which she had apparently taken the liberty to take from me and turn off during our movie viewing (I don't actually own a cell phone). I had a text message from someone, sorry I can't remember what it said. I am sure it wasn't from Taylor Hawkins, whom I did see a third time on our way to the night time establishment.

At various times throughout the dream, I would visualize people separating into cubic squares. I think it had something to do with worrying about whether I had made enough turkey for the cubic volume of my guests. Which brings us to the last part of my dream, I was a Thanksgiving meal hosted by our associate accountant at AdventSource, Cassi, who used to be a student worker in my area. Mike from the Production department was also there. She brought out the turkey and was struggling greatly to carve it. She got pretty frustrated, so I offered to help her with it. It was an all dark meat turkey. I guess my dream ended with me offering some turkey to Mike.

So what does it all mean?

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At December 08, 2007 5:04 PM, Blogger Cerise said...

So tonight I'm going to watch roller derby for the first time, and thought of you. When I told my date I had friends who were into the Nebraska scene, she said, "Oh, they're terrible!" She did add that to be fair, they're a brand new team--which I think you mentioned in your post about them getting trashed by Minnesota.



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