Thursday, August 07, 2008

Par. Tee.

So I have taken up golf. I brought back my step-father's clubs when I was in SD for the Fourth of July, and first went to the driving range on the 25th. After marked improvement my second time to the range, my sister/coach felt that after one more session at the range I'd be ready to hit the links.

We went to the Jim Ager Memorial Junior 9 hole par 27 course on Capitol Parkway on Friday the 1st. I shot in the high 50s, but I was generally pleased with my first time out, and most importantly (for this stage of my "career") I enjoyed myself. Marcy apparently felt the same, because she suggested we go again the following day, so on her birthday we went to the other 9 hole par 27 course in Lincoln, Pioneer Lake Golf and Tennis Club.

This time I had some fairly bad holes (hit a 63), but I redeemed myself by hitting each of my clubs well at least once.

With Marcy in Portland this weekend for a wedding, we golfed again at Pioneer Lake on Wednesday night, and by night I mean that we started golfing at 8:15. I guess it isn't the middle of the summer anymore, because it got dark fairly quickly, but with some encouragement from me, we soldiered on. This brought us to the 90ish yard Hole 7. We had to spot for each other and use our hearing to figure out where our drives went. So I heard my drive hit the tree, which was good news because it gives you a good starting point to scour for the ball. So after wandering around the base of the tree for a while, I looked up and there was my ball, magically on the green. From there it was just a two putt for my first par ever. To quote Ricky Bobby, "THAT JUST HAPPENED!"

We only golfed one more hole after that, bailing on hole nine due to the darkness. But compared to my first time at Pioneer Lake, I knocked 7 strokes off my 8 hole score.

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At September 17, 2008 9:59 AM, Blogger Ashley said...

Hi Daniel, I thought I had your email address but my email was returned to me so I'm going to pass along my pie praises here...

Thank you, thank you thank you! Our concord grape pie was excellent!

The grapes were perfectly tart-yet-sweet, and the crust was amazing as usual. The grapes made Ben and I feel like we were taking communion when we ate the pie. Which is a wonderfully reverent and blissfully good thing. I think it is one of our favorite pies yet. And that's saying a lot.

When you brought the pie over you mentioned some tedious sounding process of removing the grape skins and putting them back in? Or something like that? Both were a perfect texture. We found a couple of grape seeds but it made us appreciate how long it must have taken you to remove all of the others!

Since this was your first of this kind, we're happy to answer any specific questions you're pondering about this first concord grape pie. If you made another one, we'd be happy to sample it and let you know if it's as good as the last :) What with all the gobbling and ooing and ahhing, it's hard to remember specific details beyond YUM. ME.

Seriously though, we think you should go into business. But only kind of, says Ben, because he doesn't want to have to share your pie goodness with a bunch of strangers. He gets kind of weird about good food and strangers, heck he gets weird about good food and family! He just wants you to bake pies for him and he'll buy them from you (or trade, we'll give you a deep fryer any day!). You can decide how worthwhile such an endeavor would be for your long term financial plans :)

Thanks again and again for that delicious pie. It's a highly pleasant memory. One we won't soon forget.

At September 19, 2008 11:46 PM, Blogger CëRïSë said...

Hey-a! It was great to see you last week. It was also nice reading Ashley's comments about your pie after hearing you describe it in person. Cool.


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