Friday, November 14, 2008

Breakfast in America

I realise I should say more about my feelings on Obama's election and my "Hope" post. I'm happy that Obama was elected. I frankly don't know how I would've felt if Bob Barr had actually won, probably more personally arrogant for having had a hand in it than excited about the country's prospects under a Libertarian administration.

I was trying to say in my previous post on this topic that enthusiasm is to be expected and welcomed, but at some point he'll have to actually govern. I don't want to be swept up in Obamania before actually seeing what he does in office.

The South Park episode (I seldom disagree with their opinion on anything.) from the 5th of November proposes that McCain, Obama, Palin, and some others are all part of a diamond heist team that has been working for ten years to win the Presidency so that they can have access from the Oval Office to a tunnel that goes under the Hope diamond in the Smithsonian. The part of their plan that is applicable to my interest is that they tried to have a particularly divisive race so that after the election the nation would be distracted by their extreme reaction from the result. In the episode, the McCain supporters are fearing apocalypse because of Obama's incompetency leading them to either find fallout bunkers, or to attempt to take their own life. Obama supporters on the other hand are so paralyzed by partying in the streets that they are also distracted from anything.

And I my frustration with some of the black reaction is that the Obama victory is for the whole country, not just for blacks. Before Election Day, Chris Rock said that he was happy that Obama was running President and that he would not have the same amount of pride if Flava Flav were running for President. I feel that overemphasis of Obama's race (only half, by the by) detracts from any supposed civil rights victory, the civil rights victory would be when we are so excited because of his competence, and I get that feeling from all of my non-black friends who are excited about his election.

I hope this clears some things up.


At November 15, 2008 12:17 AM, Blogger CëRïSë said...

Hmmm. But I am excited by his competence! Isn't it exciting to have an intellectual president? For me, the decision between Obama's skills, temperament, and leadership, and McCain's experience, was an easy one to make.

Anyway, I don't know about any "black reaction"; I just know that I'm proud of my country and the president-elect, and am looking forward to what his first term will bring.


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