Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ahh, Sweet Squalor

I've long been of the opinion that my room is a place of squalor. It's been this way for a while now, and while I really want to clean it up so I can do yoga in the morning and sit in a chair and read in the evening. Alas it is not any better. I finally looked up squalor in my Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, and I was quite delighted with the definition.

Squalor: 1 The state or condition of being physically squalid; a combination of misery and dirt. E17.



At May 06, 2009 8:13 AM, Blogger Curly Sue said...

Ha! Hahahaha! I love that you looked up the definition of your house instead of cleaning it. Something I might do.

At May 06, 2009 10:13 AM, Blogger CëRïSë said...

Misery and dirt! I can't take long doses of squalor. I have occasional lapses, especially during finals or that sort of thing, but the dirt really does make me miserable.

At May 06, 2009 4:48 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

I wouldn't say there is dirt, but still less than tidy.


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