Thursday, November 04, 2010

Monitor Lizard Part II

The other monitor I lay in front of for as many hours as the TV is the computer.

My routine is Hotmail, facebook (first the status updates and "clever comments," then that stupid game Mafia Wars), then Google Reader and the aforementioned 122 (check that 123 now) RSS feeds.

I've organized the chaos a bit. The main folders are Bears, Beer, Blogs, Dailies, Food, Media, Sports, and Words. Bears, Blogs, Food, and Sports (mainly the Huskers) are self explanatory.

Beer has some beer bloggers (I've trimmed this one quite a bit after some overzealous subscribing.) but includes cocktail blogs now too.

My two Dailies are Delancey Place, which provides excerpts of non-fiction books, and Pearls Before Swine, the comic strip.

Media is a bit of a hodge podge: AdFreak, FILMDetail, The Nerdist, The Comic's Comic.

Words is a broader category too. I have Ben Zimmer's columns for the NY Times and Visual Thesaurus, Nameberry, Frittinancy (mainly about names in the business world), and The Rosa Parks of Blogs (this is a fun one).



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