Monday, January 10, 2011

Jim Carrey Pivot Questionnaire

1.I like making up words, one of them being statusphere, the place in which we all kinda end up in the pantheon of "supposed importance." there's another one. you know that feeling you get when you feel like some one walked over your grave? That's called a fner.
2. its actually two words "a lot," but it wants to be one.
3. I have one sound in particular that I'm crazy about, but you have to close your eyes. yells after having everyone close their eyes
4. "Is that it?" Somebody saying, "Is that it?"
5. painting and then there's this little spot on the back of my neck that if you stroke it in an upward motion very slowly, I'll go crazy.
6. people who need me too much
7. custodial work
10. "It's okay she's not coming."

I don't know why they skipped profession other than your own you'd most like to attempt and what is your favorite curse word.



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