Sunday, October 30, 2005

He Ain't Heavy . . .

One of my Men's Health emails made reference to mypetfat. So I went to the site, and I not only found a really cool paper weight but some valuable positive-thinking advice. My title, from the Band hit, alludes to a weight/burden that is "my brother." Jay, from mypetfat, had a problem with fat; the visual reminder allowed him and countable others to control and positively address that problem.

What are your problems/issues/discrepancies-twixt-reality-and-desire? I suggest we can use our own issue specific "mypetfat" to help us. Maybe we want to work out more--make a token out of a picture on a piece of cardboard, for durability, to carry with us and look at when we have to make the choice between two activities. Maybe we don't stay in touch with family--carry around a rock. It is mighty lonely; do we want to be that lonely?

Pronounciation discussion:

Saturday on the way back from church, I was listening to Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me. and the citizen contestant for the fill-in-the-blank limerick contest was from Wilkes-Barre, PA. I've sent stuff there for AdventSource and always pronounced it in my head as Wilkes Bar. Well, the resident of this aging community pronounces it correctly as Wilksberry. Who knew? Not me, that's who. This brought to mind another town name of a customer of AdventSource, Havre de Grace, MD. I wonder, do the citizens of this town pronounce "Havre" like Favre, the quarterback--"Farve." What interesting town names/town pronounciations do you know?

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