Thursday, April 13, 2006

Maundy Thursday

Tonight I ran here. It was my longest and first run outside since starting my "training" for the alf-marathon. Some thoughts:

I know now why they created "interval training." It was just an excuse to slow down (stop) when running. It is a whole lot harder to run outside. It really doesn't help when the time and temp at South and Capitol Parkway is stuck at 90 something. It seemed hot. I'll check tomorrow what the temp was from 7:08 to 8:16. So I did the seven miles in 68 minutes. I guess that isn't horrible; it is a 9:42 average. I don't think a fried egg and peanut butter sandwich with a chaser of milk is the best pre-run meal. I know what the psalmist was talking about when he mentioned lying down beside still waters. I really liked the underpasses. When you're running, the stop lights are a pleasant excuse to rest and no longer a nuisance. According to Gmap, I burned 1005 calories.

Much to Scott's annoyance, today is Maundy Thursday. It is a nice concept though "A new commandment I give unto you, love one another as I have loved you." John 13:34 I love saying Maundy Thursday. Say it with me: MAUNDY THURSDAY.

While typing this up, I was watching Ed vs. Spencer on BBC America. It is a very fun show. The concept is that they challenge each other each show with the winner getting glory and the loser getting humiliation. Previous episodes the challenges have been who can get themself sickest in a week, who can make a better porno, who is the most attractive to women. Tonight's episode was who could stay the longest in the woods with only a survival knife and the clothing on their back. Spencer won despite sabotage attempts from Ed. The straw that broke Ed's back was that he didn't have a way to carry/hold water to purify it. For the Humiliation, Spencer went to a nice restaurant and had Ed feed him the food. Spencer asked Ed what dessert he would get and Ed flashed the old two finger salute. "Two desserts it is." Spencer countered. Funny stuff. I also think Bryant looks a bit like each of them.

I hate you Phidippides.

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