Saturday, July 15, 2006

My Summer Vacation, Vol. 2

Where were wee? Oh yes.

July 3: Today I left for West Bend Recreational Area on the Missouri River at 7:30 am from Brighton, CO. Wyoming has a lot of nothing, and I got to see most of it. Then I entered the beautiful Black Hills and Hot Springs, where I visited my grandpa for a while. I also got to stop for an hour in Wall, SD, home of Wall Drug. There I purchased the rest of my shaving kit, a mug, a brush, and some shaving soap, to go with my straight razor and strop. Now all I need is the gumption to use them all. I arrived at West Bend very close to 8:30 pm. Just in time for supper.

July 4: Anniversaire of our nation's Declaration of Independence. This day was spent reading, eating, sleeping, and playing bean bags, not necessarily in that order.

July 5: More of the same.

July 6: More of the same, this time with two small bean bag tournaments with 6 and 5 teams of two respectively. I managed to be one half of each winning team for both of them. This belies the fact that my sister beat me for the first time in what she says is 12 years, I don't think she's been playing that long though. We also had /flysh keek-luh/, spiced meat (in this case an 80/20 deer/beef mix) wrapped in dough and deep fried.I also did some swimming in the river today too.

July 7: Today we, the Dickhaut family and affiliates, fried some of the 150 some walleye caught at that point for brunch. Then at 1:30 I left to come back to Lincoln. On my way back I went through Burke, SD, hometown of an old friend Tyann nee Jeffries. Nothink else of note.

July 8: Today I went to the Farmer's Market with Ellen, before we went and visited Amy's place in Iowa. Then we scuttled back to go to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest with Karen. I liked it. I knew going into it that the ending was a bit open ended, which I expected, and was fine with.

July 9: This day was a barbecue at Karen's with a viewing of the first Pirates movie. Then some more bean bags.

Thus concludes my summer vacation, estivation if you will.

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At July 16, 2006 2:47 AM, Blogger Michael Covarrubias said...

Now I'm just biding my time till winter torpor.

Reading about the fleish kuechla made me yearn for North Dakota.

Well not North Dakota so much as the deer jerky from Dustin Sprenger's hunting trips and the homemade hot pickles from Reed's grandmother.


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