Saturday, July 22, 2006

Not Fit for Human Consumption.

Lacking Human Growth Hormone. Contains artificial additives, including but not limited to minutia, prejudices, preconceptions, and procrastination tendencies.

I think this sums me up a bit now.

Everyonce inawhile, I think that it might be nice to be in a more serious relationship, even a marriage. And then I think some more and realize I'm not ready for one, and I don't really know when I will be. I'm fairly juvenile, not a mature adult. I am secure in admitting this, better to be a bit honest than a bit deluded.

Granted it is difficult to observe my own maturity objectively, and I really haven't been in a lot of situations (or at least I don't think I have) that have tested my maturity. Still, I think I have plenty of arranging and identifying to do in my own life before I bother sharing it with someone else.



At July 25, 2006 2:05 AM, Blogger Buffy Turner said...

Oh, no, Daniel,

I think you're so ripened and intellectually sculpted, and of course one argues that that doesn't guarantee relational maturation, but you're so thoughtful and eager and rational and empathetic on so many levels and in so many ways, dear Daniel. I think your girl just hasn't found you yet.

That's what Buppy thinks.

At July 25, 2006 11:29 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Thank you Buffy, you are very kind. I feel it is important that I say, I don't think it is a bad thing that I'm not matured yet. As the Killers say, "I've got potential." Many cultures don't give a rip about anything men have to say til they are at least 30. I've got time.


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