Friday, January 12, 2007

Dinner Takes All

Tonight on TLC I caught a show I haven't seen before: Dinner Takes All. The concept seems to be that they take four people who take turns hosting a dinner party for the other three. Each of the participants then rates each evening and the winner, I guess takes all, there are still thirty minutes left. The third contestant is hosting as I type. Her name is Megan and she was a Girl Scout from 1st grade to high school, graduated from the CIA, Culinary Institute of America, and now works editing professional recipes for use by hoi polloi. The first hostess was Katelyn, a model with a nice loft. The second was Leo, who in the tour of his apartment had the obligatory "Here is where the magic happens" comment when sitting on his bed. Interestingly enough, when Megan was giving the tour of her apartment she used this comment to describe her kitchen. I think they might have been refering to different types of magic. The winner gets a thousand dollars.

Another show that I enjoy and find really well done is America's Game. It is on NFL Network, and I think produced by them too. They polled a lot of people, writers, players, coaches, and had them rank their top ten Super Bowl teams. From those rankings they took the top twenty. Now they are doing a count down from 20 to 1 each week. Each show is narrated by a famous male actor, like Martin Sheen, Donald Sutherland, Bruce Willis, and then they interview three people from the team while covering the season and environment in which that team won the Super Bowl. They do a good job of getting different perspectives by their choice in interviewees. I think even if you don't like football you could be drawn in by the stories of the men involved.

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myspace wouldn't let me post a reply to your comment, so here you go.

the group is called The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players and i highly recommend you going to their show if you can. it's a very good time and buy a bag or something from them.

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