Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm a Waffle House Kid

So we got to Columbia right before 11pm on Friday night and checked into our reserved Red Roof Inn room. Saturday morning we went to breakfast at Waffle House. Pretty fun "Americana" experience but not as good as some places I've eaten food. Then was the first session of the Big XII Wrestling Championships. The Huskers did pretty well with four wrestlers winning their matches to get into the championships and three getting into the third place matches.

For the break between sessions, we went to Flat Branch Pub and Brewing. I got the Sampler of brews with my spiced lamb pesto pizza. The six varieties starting with the straw and going clockwise were Oil Change Stout, Milk Stout, Green Chili, Honey Wheat, Brown Ale, and Irish Red Ale. I didn't care for the Green Chili, which--surprise, surprise--tasted like a green chili pepper or the Brown Ale, which wasn't the strongest example of the variety. The Irish Red was pretty weak. The Honey Wheat was very drinkable. The two stouts are what took the cake. They have the same recipe but for 50 pounds of oatmeal flakes in the Oil Change, and lactose sugars in the Milk. This is an excellent pairing for a tasting because it allows you to isolate ingredients. So if you're in the area and want really good food with some pretty good beers, go to Flat Branch Pub and Brewery in Columbia, Missouri.

The second session of wrestling for the Huskers wasn't very successful. Only one wrestler won his match. So they finished with four second places, two third places, and one fourth place. But the rest of the wrestling was top notch and we enjoyed most all of it. Well worth the trip. Now we just return on Sunday and stop in KC for lunch. Thank you for your well wishes that got us through some harrowing driving on Highway 2 before we got to the Interstate.

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At March 04, 2007 6:09 PM, Anonymous Michael said...

It looks as if both you and the camera have adopted a telltale cant in the photo of the empty glasses.

A milk (or cream) stout was what got me first interested in eschewing anything I could see through. Mackeson was a nice easy slightly sweet stout that I had on June 30 1994. Of course I will now accept some translucent offerings.

I'm most interested in the Brown Ale. What was it like?

At March 04, 2007 7:38 PM, Blogger Buffy Turner said...

The angle of that picture with the empty glasses does kill me. But seriously, aren't those big glasses, considering there were six of them? Did you seriously feel okay after?


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