Sunday, April 15, 2007

Silly Daniel.

I went to Grindhouse Saturday night. It was good. It was an event and a movie. It comprised Planet Terror by Robert Rodriguez and Death Proof by Quentin Tarantino. Planet Terror was a gory zombie type romp, and according to all the reviews I read, very good for the genre. Death Proof was not regarded as well in the reviews, mainly because of the long slow discussions the characters have the first two/thirds of the movie. They all enjoyed the car chase at the end though. Having caught a few of these B-movies on AMC or IFC, Tarantino really executes his genre well too. The fake trailers in the middle of the Double Feature were Werewolf Women of the SS by Rob Zombie, Don't by Cecil Evans, and Thanksgiving by Eli Roth. There is talk that Thanksgiving will be made into an actual film at some point. If you are like me and need to see something just so you can put a notch in your belt and pass judgement, you should see this. There are other reasons to watch it, but you don't need my help if you want to find them.

So the movie finished at 12:15 AM. When I got home, I started playing Civilization II on the computer. I stopped playing at 10:30ish AM. This was generally pretty stupid. First because I've been wanting to go to Omaha for the last three weekends to look at their saute pans, for my birthday present to myself. Second because it severely adjusted any circadian rhythm I had going. Third, it was a beautiful day weatherwise today, which is rare of late. So my stupidity cost me some quality running time, which I haven't done since before my birthday the 28th. This isn't good because I have a half-marathon in like twenty days. Silly, silly Daniel.

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At April 16, 2007 10:34 PM, Blogger Cerise said...

Cool, which half-marathon are you doing?

At April 17, 2007 10:32 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

I'm doing the Lincoln half-marathon in May and the Deadwood half-marathon in June.

At April 19, 2007 2:04 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Civilization - I love that game! I always choose to be the Egyptians, I don't know why . . . maybe we all need to embrace our inner Pharroh a little more often. Warm fuzzy.

At April 19, 2007 6:37 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

I like interacting with the Egyptian diplomat, so I usually end up with the Carthaginians or lately the Persians.


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