Sunday, March 25, 2007


My last blog was mainly a report of events. I'll do some reviewing of said events. I didn't mention that the Black Jack Porter from Free State Brewing (Black Jack Porter: Baltic Porter is a somewhat blended style, popular in the countries bordering the Baltic Sea. It's based on the English Porter style and strongly influenced by Russian Imperial Stouts. The resulting dark ale is stronger and more full bodied than a traditional Porter but doesn't have the intensity of an Imperial Stout. What we have is a rich, malty beer with notes of chocolate and roast malt overtones. The flavor has been mellowed further by conditioning on a blend of French and American oak. Served unfiltered.) was magnificent. It had so much going on, yet it was all taking place in unity. I wish I'd had more than 5 ounces to explore it. One of the favorite porters I've tasted. The other three brews I had weren't that noteworthy.

As for the concert, Travis of the Gym Class Heroes was the desire of 70% of the room, and he knew it. I felt there was too much mugging for the crowd, but their cheers disagreed with me.
In other news, yesterday I got out the bean bag boards for the first time this year. The first bag I threw went in the hole. I've still got it.

As the anniversary of my birth hastens upon me, I feel I'm running out of time. For what, I don't know.

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