Sunday, November 13, 2005

Welcome to My World

Won't you come on in. (Jim Reeves)

Stuff from TV tonight: The Simpsons-- Bart and Marge frequent a Tea House called The Leaf Garret, After Bart breaks off their friendship, Marge is riding on a bus to Miami with her tandem bike (this is familiar to those who have seen Midnight Cowboy), Homer's first opponent in an arm wrestling tournament has only lost once, to a battle with illiteracy, Homer replies that he has lost that battle many times. For those who haven't seen The Simpsons in a while, they've still got it. Inside the Actors Studio-- In the ol' Bernard Pivot questionnaire, Russell Crowe said one thing that turns him on is a well-constructed sentence.

What would you like God to say to you, if there is a heaven, and you get there?



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