Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm in Love with a Stripper*

Tonight is a beginning of the beginning. It is Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, The day before Lent, a forty day period of "fasting." Not to be confused with Foie Gras, fattened goose liver. For Lent, I'm giving up going to bed after midnight. And in anticipation of my birthday, I hope to spend the next 28 mornings yoga-ing (yoging?).

This is also the beginning of my running. I ran three miles tonight. I'm planning for three more Thursday and five Sunday.

If you want to know more about my septentrional trip last weekend, scroll down. I had a draft and it posted on the day I saved the draft but below my more recent post.

*This song was requested driving to and from the Lincoln Racquet Club on 94.1. Both times by females. Apparently it has been #1 in the Top Five at Nine the last three evenings.



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