Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday Favorites

Billy Stewart, 60s singer whose rendition of Summertime is one of my favorites.

Spectacle: Elvis Costello with . . . This is Elvis' new talk, performance, music history show. The first guest was Elton John, and Sir Elton referred to the aforementioned Billy Stewart as a "30 stone man." That is quite hefty.

Ed Ruscha, one of the pop artists from the LA scene. He and Stella McCartney were featured in the Iconoclasts episode on Sundance Channel last night.

Sundance Channel, Spectacle is another of their original shows, along with Iconoclasts, and Live from Abbey Road. If Robert Redford had done nothing else, I would still appreciate him for giving me the Sundance Channel.

Bespoke tailoring, I'm not quite certain what this is in its entirety, but Stella McCartney said her shops are some of the few remaining that do bespoke.

328, My favorite three digit number. When I registered my car in August, I had the choice of three digit numbers at the end of my license plate. I wasn't expecting to have a choice, so I said any would do (and ended up with 171). But now I realize that I do prefer 328; it doesn't hurt that is is my birthday. What is your favorite three digit number?

The Sham Wow! Guy. I've seen this commercial a few times, and I'm always impressed by the pitch man. He's not too attractive, but his charisma and presentation carry him quite far.

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