Friday, February 13, 2009


I've really enjoyed the most recent season of Flight of the Conchords on HBO. The most recent episode their manager, Murray, takes it to another level by becoming friends with them like he already has in his best friend Jim, played by Jim Gaffigan (also very funny by himself). At their first get together as friends, Murray has a friend agenda he calls an afrienda.

When Jim meets Bret and Jemaine he asks them lots of questions, because that is what a friend does. I'll now appropriate it for a meme.

1. Do you like music? Yes.
a. rock? yes
b. funk? no
c. country? yes, older and about four current artists
d. hair bands? no
e. synth? no
f. blues? no
g. jazz? early, yes
h. jazz fusion? no

2. What do you call your style of hair cut? half inch buzz cut with taper down sides

3. Do you like sports? yes, wrestling, football, rugby

4. Do you workout? no, but I'd like to.

5. How many stairs does your apartment have? five, for me, for others more

6. How many people have you met? 15,000 (Jim's answer to this was 285,621)

7. Do you read? yes

8. What is your favorite part of the newspaper? Comics

9. Do you have any questions for me? no

Okay I'll flip it back then.

10. Have you ever tried to grow a mustache? yes, and failed miserably

11. Ever been stung by porcupine? no

12. Do you like the color light blue? yes

13. What color do you call your hair? brown (Jim call his top White Gold and his beard Rust Belt. Murray calls his Electric Copper)

14. Favorite sauce? balsalmic reduction or scotch (Stephen Colbert says that Scotch tape should either change its name or get him drunk.)

15. Paper or plastic? Plastic

16. Where do you buy your markers? I steal them from work.



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