Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chad Daniels' Joke

I have "season passes" on my DVR for a bunch of Comedy Central stand-up comedy shows, Premium Blend, Live at Gotham, and all the Comedy Central Presents. The latest comic to catch my eye is Chad Daniels. I'll try to transcribe his joke now:

My name is Chad Daniels. That's a horrible name when I go to the Deep South, cuz I always get that drunk redneck, you know. (in obnoxious drunk redneck accent) "Hey boy, your name Daniels? WHOOOO! (slapping the knee and ankle like the Austrian knee dance) You related to Jack? Ha-ha! (making gun sounds while firing a hand shaped like a gun in the air)" Then I have to explain to this guy, "Jack Daniel's has an apostrophe in it," right? And one guy honestly said, he goes, "You mean he followed Jesus?" Yeah sir, he was one of the Twelve Apostrophes. Way to go. Why don't you go color?

Like an apostrophe would ever follow Jesus, right? They'd have to give up all their earthly possessions, and, hello, their main job is to show ownership.

Every time I tell that joke and English teacher gets their wings.

Chad Daniels (aforementioned joke is among those in tab to the right) apparently got his start hosting karaoke in Grand Forks, ND, so that is nice that a Dakotan type is making it "big."



At November 11, 2009 8:12 AM, Blogger Curly Sue said...

HA! "Every time I tell that joke, an English teacher gets wings." That's funny stuff right there.


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