Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wants for 2007

I took one of my books into work to lend it, and I went through it quickly to take out any notes or scraps of paper I might have left. There were two things: a library receipt from October 4, 2006 for Blink: the power of thinking without thinking, and a self-adhesive note with a list

Wants for 2007

End tables
non-stick skillet
Chef knife/sharpener
coffee pot
Bath Robe

Three years and a month later I have some of these things, a recliner, some tables, a non-stick skillet, a blender that also has a food processor attachment, a French press. Once I get the remaining items, my life will be complete. Because I can't think of a more satisfying moment than sitting at my oak desk in my bath robe sharpening my chef's knife.

In other news, I got some Nicaraguan coffee beans today that are dry processed. This was the first time I've seen dry process for a bean outside of Ethiopia. I'm also excited about the size of the beans; they're big like Papua New Guinean beans, but longer instead of rounder. And since I'm trying to blog a lot this month, I'm sure I'll let you know how they compare with my memory of the Ethiopian dry processed coffee.

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