Monday, November 08, 2010


I'm gonna try to "live" blog during the premiere of Conan. I've recorded it and I'll typy-type my thoughts while watching it.

It starts with "Last Season on Conan" and Conan refusing on a phone conversation to move to 12:05 then he's shot like Sonny Corleone at the studio entry gate. Then he's sitting in a wife beater with 14 kids running around and his wife telling him to get a job, then he is not hired at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price by Jon Hamm. Then he's doing a monologue as a clown at a kids party. About ready to jump off a bridge, Larry King with wings tells him not to do it.

Nice colorful opening credits with the guests and Andy Richter announcing. It is now Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band. Requisite string dance. Much applause, he hugs an audience member. "Welcome to my Second Annual First Show." "People asked me why I named the show Conan. I did it so I'd be harder to replace." They're having a hard time keeping his hair in frame. Clip of masturbating bear on a local news channel shaking up the lotto balls in his underwear while the anchor man draws them out. I like the set so far, though the desk area is dark during the monologue.

They come back from the monologue with Andy in the chair next to the desk with Conan. They're now taking a moment to look at the set. They have a nice view of the ocean with a full 3 dimensional moon moving by remote. It's now wobbling. His summer low point was the Conan O'Brien mask that due to legal reasons was called the Ex-Talk Show Host. After putting them on, Andy says it's authentic because the inside smells like tears.

Guest video from Ricky Gervais. He congratulates Conan on the new gig while offering condolences for what happened previously. After his message, he looks off camera and says that while he's here he might as well bang out a few more. "Hi Conan, sorry things didn't work out at TBS, but I'm sure Food Network is a great fit for you." You know Conan, Food Network didn't know how well they had it. You're gonna be great on Good Morning Dayton. Don't worry about Dayton, now you have the national audience you deserve, and I'll be tuning in just as soon as I get satellite radio.

Third segment recaps the voting contest for first guest. "The deliberately rigged results are in and" it's the curator of the nutcracker museum. She just paraded through with a guy pushing a giant nutcracker behind her and out the studio.

Second first guest is Seth Rogen promoting Green Hornet, which doesn't open til January. Second guest is Lea Michelle, the brunette from Glee.

Music guest Jack White. Conan performs a song with Jack, a rockabilly type thing. Very fun. They apparently recorded a live album together in Nashville this summer.

Jack gets a desk interview after the song.

"We'll see you tomorrow. Byeeverybodybye."



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