Saturday, November 06, 2010

I eat too.

Not only do I lay on my couch, I also eat.

Just now I finished two Red D'Anjou pear and Muenster grilled cheese sandwiches. They were great. I'd have a picture but the SD card is missing from my camera. I blame my sister.

Not too complicated; just slice some pear to put between two slices of cheese in the middle of buttered bread, and grill on a low to medium heat pan for a minute and a half on one side and a minute on the other.

Muenster is a pretty mild cheese and the pear isn't earth shattering in flavor either. but together it is nice to have the juicy fruit cut through what can be a pretty heavy snack. I've tried it with apple too which is nice. More extreme flavors like sharp Cheddar and Granny Smith apple should make for a tastier experience.

Brie and pear are a common combination, but I'm not experienced enough with brie flavors to make a judgment.



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