Saturday, January 27, 2007

Train, Train Go Away.

On my way to the State Fairgrounds for the Matt Talbot Kitchen and AFL scholarship fund raiser, Ales and Auction, I was detained by a train for about four minutes. What topped it off was that, as the first train heading East passed the intersection, another train heading West started crossing the intersection. What a fine coincidence.

As for the Ales and Auction. It was better than last year's, while missing New Belgium Brewery. I'm sold on Odell Brewing Co. from Ft. Collins, CO. I've had their Levity and Easy Street before and tonight I had their Imperial Stout. Each brewery represented chose a beer for a "best in show" fan voting. Odell's Imperial Stout was my favorite.

There were two others, of the 19 I tried, that I really liked. The Gottberg Brewpub in Columbus, NE had a Bugeater Brown which was fine, but their hit for me was the "Fire in the Hole!" Rauchbier that didn't have much of a bouquet, but tasted like barbecue, a nice roasted/grilled/smoked flavor that I'm supposing came from its beechwood barrel aging. Upstream Brewing Co. out of Omaha has started attending these Lincoln tasting events, and they're great overall. What I enjoyed from them tonight was an espresso stout, a great blend of both flavors.



At January 29, 2007 1:16 PM, Blogger Wee Katie said...

Wow, I've never wanted to try beer before, but now I do. When I come visit next, can you make me steak and recommend a beer? And when are you coming up?


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