Friday, May 18, 2007

Some Names and A Reason I Gave to Smile

Aridorkis Maldonado

Cwilla Kincaid

Dientje Jeltema

The juvenile side of me likes Aridorkis, the Welsh side--Cwilla, and the Baltic side Dientje.

In my abcedarian personal profile, for R-reasons to smile, I put "private observations of irony." Now I share one of those.

The Engel Hall men's restroom on the first floor is second only to the Jorgensen Hall men's restroom in my ranking of men's restrooms on the Union College Campus.

The Engel Hall restroom has a great sink and a couple great urinals. The other night after Eric Robison's senior guitar recital, I was there and found Renown at the bottom of each of those urinals. The little red strainer mats proudly said Renown in white letters. I thought this was a funny place to find renown, but the L-rd keeps us humble.

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