Thursday, January 17, 2008

Call of Dudy

So tonight I got home from work around 6:40 and was greeted at the door by my sister with a message from Angela to go to Crescent Moon for Eric Robison's performance at 7:00. So I went. and greatly enjoyed myself. After, I went to Oso Burrito, because I hadn't had a proper supper yet. They had a JournalStar from Sunday still on one of the tables, and I was happy for the company while eating my chicken pesto burrito.

I specifically had the company of a nice article about the Czech bagpipe, the dudy. There was one sentence that the junior high boy in me had a little chuckle over.

After Tuesday’s concert, local musician Sue Underwood shows Cwach her dudy, and asks him for pointers.

My post shares its title with a documentary made on the instrument.



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