Monday, November 16, 2009

Catching Up

This morning's Big Band Show: When Melody Was King featured the songs of Dorothy Fields, the other half of The Way You Look Tonight from Jerome Kern. She was also part of the team that wrote the songs for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. The song from that show that was played on the radio was I'll Buy You A Star ("and not just a star, but the best one" kinda puts the name a star for $50 gift to shame). Another line in that song I liked was "I'll get you a silver chain made from the rain of a Summer afternoon."

Another thing I'm catching up on is that pie. I went home for lunch today just to make the crust, so I could bake the pie tonight. In other food related stuff, that Nicaraguan (that is a tricky word to type) dry-process coffee was very good, and I even kinda miss it, now that I'm grinding another Ethiopian Sidamo dry-process.

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