Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cue Julie Andrews

My Favorites:

Car: Volvo V70

Sports Team: The Chicago Bears

Shoes: Born

Eggs: Over easy (the better for dipping my pancake in, or eating my asparagus Milanois)

Actors: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Kevin Spacey, Paul Newman, Robert Duvall, Ryan Gosling, Gary Sinise, Johnny Depp, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslett

Directors: Michel Gondry, Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Sofia Coppola

Cinematographer: Conrad Hall

Country Songwriter: Hank Williams

Country Singers: Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash

Crooner: Bing Crosby

Interpreter of the American Songbook: Tony Bennett

Jazz Diva: Ella Fitzgerald

Singer Songwriters: James Taylor, Paul Simon, John Denver, Ben Taylor, Sufjan Stevens

Beatle: Paul

President: Harry S Truman (the S doesn't stand for anything to placate both sides of the family)

Region of the Country: Midwest, Second is the Great Plains

State: Illinois

Month: March

Adornment Metal: Silver

British Country: Wales

Scandinavian Country: Sweden

Antipode: New Zealand

Italian Region: Tuscany

Miscellaneous European Region: Bohemia

Present Wrapping: Brown paper tied up with string

Sports: Football, Wrestling, Rugby

Beer: a Baltic Porter

Cheese: Muenster

Grain: Oat

Dessert: puddings (rice, bread, and chocolate)

Candy Bar: Snickers because "Happy peanuts soar over chocolate covered mountain tops and waterfalls of caramel. Prancing nougat in the meadow sings a song of satisfaction to the world."

Soft Drink: Barq's Rootbeer

Meat: Lamb (baby lamb isn't complex enough in flavor)

Country flag: Sardinia

Dave Grohl band: Foo Fighters

Shakespeare Play: Hamlet

Shakespeare Character: Iago

Short Story: Bartleby the Scrivener

Novella: Apt Pupil

Novel: The Music of Chance (fell in love with this as a film first)

Epic length Novel: The World According to Garp (was not impressed with the film, glad I read the book first)

Psychological Thriller: Fight Club

Romance: Meet Joe Black

Hymn: Abide With Me

Predator: Jaguar (I'm partial to their automobile styling too)

German Car: Mercedes-Benz

Musical: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Coffee: Strong with one lump sugar

Food Network Show: Good Eats with Alton Brown

Fake News Show: The Colbert Report

Dramatic Serial: Lost

Comedy: The Office

NFL Network Show: America's Game

Baseball Team: Minnesota Twins

Hockey Team: Detroit Redwings

Big XII Football: Nebraska Cornhuskers

PAC-10 Football: Arizona Wildcats

Big East Football: Rutgers

Big Ten Football: Michigan, followed by Wisconsin



At June 12, 2007 12:20 PM, Blogger Wee Katie said...

Why is Iago your favorite 'Speare character? I'm simultaneously piqued and repulsed.


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